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Quality function is a manufacturing process that rightly demands the most resources in a quality management line because good quality is life enhancing and bad quality is life threatening. This concept sticks to most companies but the pharmaceutical and food industry has it harder than the others because of stricter norms and higher quality control demands.

Maintaining low quality in the quality management processes in the pharmaceutical industry is potentially fatal to the individual and the company. To minimize risks and maximum strategic quality efforts, benchmark reports are available that can help you knowledgeably improve the quality function of your company by using the benchmark metrics, managerial observations and benchmark study trend analysis in these reports.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has recently cited manufacturers for a variety of deficiencies in quality control, such as data handling, computer system validation, and manufacturing review processes. These deficiencies have resulted in extraordinary attention being placed on companies' quality functions. Missteps in this area can potentially lead to manufacturing shutdowns by the U.S. government, severely impacting product launch, supplies, patient health, and corporate profitability.

There are a few business consulting organizations who have studied the systems, approaches and practices of pharmaceutical and medical device companies known for exceptional quality execution. By applying the knowledge obtained from these companies, your company can dramatically improve its overall quality function. This knowledge is mostly a part and parcel of these reports.

The processes of compiling these strategic reports are simple. These business consulting organizations has research teams identify top companies to participate in the study for optimizing strategic quality management. Each of the top companies is noted for exceptional quality execution and overall standing in the quality arena.

The research team then conducts oral interviews and written surveys of executives at each of these companies, seeking details on each aspect of the quality function.

The teams then identify the systems, approaches and practices to which these leading executives attribute their success as well as performance gaps. These insights give executives a path along which a company may pursue strategic quality excellence such as beefing up training and certification programs, strengthening auditing roles etc.

These critical insights will aid you in making informed budget, resource allocation and process improvement decisions and minimize delays, shutdowns and brand reputation hazard.

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Sound Quality Function, Sound Product

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This article was published on 2010/09/27