How to Find Quality Cabinets

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Finding quality cabinets is definitely a challenge to many, as there are so many different products on the market today. With such a wide range in variety and styles, it is important to make sure you are getting the best quality for your budget. Whether you are looking to replace an old armoire, or are going for an entire kitchen cabinet remodel, quality is of utmost significance when choosing cabinets. Even with a smaller budget, good quality products can be found to fit within the budget. Research and shopping around is crucial to finding the best quality cabinets.

An important part of finding quality cabinets is to note that appearance does not necessarily dictate the quality of a cabinet. While aesthetics is most probably one of the main factors that help people decide on cabinets, quality should also play just as important a role. A better indicator for quality is usually the functionality and practicality of a cabinet. Closely inspecting the workings is very important. For example, drawers should be intricately constructed in a way that the face of the cabinets meets the sides precisely. Well-made cabinets usually are connected in this area with dovetail joint and hinges. The sides of the drawers should also be made from solid wood, which helps with durability. The very bottom surface of the drawer should fit very snugly and precisely into the groove that was cut for it on each side of the drawer, which ensures quality overall construction.

Hardware is also another component that helps to indicate whether or not a cabinet is of better quality. While many cabinet designers and manufacturers have made good quality hardware a standard feature of their cabinets, it is still important to have a look to see, as some companies may fall short, or older cabinets might not have such standards. Hardware that has soft close action is ideal. Also, cabinets with full extension hardware are preferable to other options. For cabinets that do not come readily available with these standards, most cabinet suppliers are able to upgrade your hardware to meet these requirements.

The box, or main unit of the cabinet also should have various specifications. Though many high and lower quality cabinet boxes are constructed in the same manner, there are a few distinctions that help to reveal quality. Furniture grade wood is definitely one of them, as particle board and other cheaper materials bend and warp over time, breaking or simply not allowing the cabinet to do its job. Particleboard also gets soggy when wet, thus ruining the cabinet box altogether. Furniture grade plywood with ½ to ¾ inch construction is ideal for a high quality cabinet box.

Lastly, certain outside aesthetics can help to be a strong indicator of quality. Cabinet faces, doors, and drawers should all be made from solid wood, if not high quality or furniture grade plywood. Paint jobs that look like they will cheap or fade easily are not of good surface quality. Cabinet quality overall should include attention to detail, construction, aesthetics, and functionality.

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How to Find Quality Cabinets

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This article was published on 2010/09/28